Easy-Set Pin Drive Expansion Anchor


The Easy-Set is a pin drive expansion anchor for medium and heavy duty fastening applications into concrete and grout-filled block. Integrated nut and washer helps keep track of parts.


Anchor body – Hot-rolled steel; Pin – Hot-wrought carbon steel.


Yellow zinc dichromate coating.


  1. The allowable loads listed are based on a safety factor of 4.0.
  2. Allowable loads may not be increased for short-term loading due to wind or seismic forces.
  3. 100% of the allowable load is permitted at critical spacing and critical edge distance. Allowable loads at lesser spacings and edge distances have not been determined.
  4. The minimum concrete thickness is 1 1/2 times the embedment depth.
  5. Tension and Shear loads for the EZAC Anchor may be combined using the straight-line interaction equation (n=1).


Note: Hole in fixture to be mounted must be at least 1/16″ greater than the anchor diameter.

Caution: Oversized holes in the base material will make it difficult to set the anchor and will reduce the anchor’s load capacity.

  • Drill a hole in the base material using a carbide drill bit the same diameter as the nominal diameter of the anchor to be installed. Drill the hole to the specified embedment depth plus 1/4″ to allow for pin extension and blow it clean using compressed air. Overhead installations need not be blown clean. Alternatively, drill the hole deep enough to accommodate embedment depth and dust from drilling.
  • Adjust the nut for required embedment. Place the anchor through the fixture and into the hole.
  • Hammer the center pin until the bottom of the head is flush with top of anchor.