IUS/MIU I-Joist Hangers


The IUS is a hybrid hanger that incorporates the advantages of the face mount and top mount hanger. Installation is fast with the Strong-Grip™ seat, easy-to-reach face nails and self-jigging locator tabs.

The MIU series hangers are designed for commercial and high load I-joist applications without requiring web stiffeners. The MIU features Positive Angle Nailing (PAN), which minimizes splitting of the flanges while permitting time-saving nailing from a better angle.

Refer to Joist Manufacturer’s literature or appropriate Simpson Strong-Tie® Connector Selection Guide for actual joist sizes.

Material: See Face Mount Hanger tables.

Finish: Galvanized

Uplift Loads:

  • Models have optional triangle joist nail holes for additional uplift. Properly attached web stiffeners are required.
  • MIU—add four additional 10dx1 1/2″ joist nails for a total uplift load of 975 lbs.
  • IUS—add web fillers and two 10dx1 1/2″ joist nails in the triangle holes for a total uplift of 365 lbs.