5 Safety Tips For The Do-It-Yourselfer

Okay, we get it. You know your way around some power tools. But accidents happen, even to experts so we’ve compiled a list of 10 safety tips specifically geared towards the do-it-yourselfer.


1. Watch that chainsaw kickback


For the safety of you and those around you it’s best to use chainsaws with certain safety features. Hand guards, chain brakes, triggers or throttle lockouts, spark arrestors, vibration reduction, chain catchers, and bumper spikes are good features to look for when buying a chainsaw.


2. Protect your peepers


All it takes is one miscalculation, one misstep, one hand jerk to turn a DIY project into a trip to the hospital. Always wear safety glasses when operating power tools, or working around materials that are prone to becoming airborne.


3. Mind the ladder


Ladders are exceedingly effective tools when used mindfully. Only use ladders on stable and level surfaces, lock the A-frame ladders in the open position, never stand on the top two rungs, never use aluminum ladders near utility poles or electrical wires, avoid placing ladders in front of doors that swing out.


4. Invest in a dust mask or respirator


Even though you may think covering your nose and mouth with your shirt collar is working, it might not be providing all the protection you need. Some respirators filter out particles in the air and some protect against harmful fumes or gases. Evaluate the job you’re doing and choose the best one for you.


5. Be cautious around electricity


There’s enough electrical current in a home to kill a human if you’re not careful. Keep water away when working with electrical, always use a voltage meter, don’t do electrical work when on an aluminum ladder, wear rubber-soled shoes or use a rubber mat, make sure all cords and cables aren’t frayed.