The Coolest Garage Shop Ever!

  With wood, power tools, a hammer, and the right hardware, you can build anything.   Simpson Strong-Tie® has been helping contractors, architects, construction professionals, and homeowners build strong safe buildings, homes, and projects for over 60 years, and we’re just getting started.   Our products are the “glue” that holds a project together. Anything […]

The Ties That Bind

  If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a new home or adding a room to your existing home, this information is for you.   Most home buyers look for style, interior design, cabinets, paint color, bathroom fixtures, and other features that new homes offer. Most people, however, don’t give the construction a second thought.  Who […]

A Well-Built Fence Is Simpson Strong-Tie Strong

If you’ve ever had the unfortunate experience of a wood fence falling apart, you’ll understand the importance of correct building practices and why Simpson Strong-Ties® are so important.   Is your fence crooked and warped or just falling apart, yet it’s still standing?  You may not need to replace the entire fence. You can fix […]

Attention Do-It-Yourselfers

Many folks like to keep busy. Hiring someone to remodel or repair something at home isn’t an option for them. They want to do it themselves.  Simpson Strong-Tie connectors make it all possible. Decide what you need, create a plan, and check online for the instructions you need to complete your project.   Organizing your […]

Earthquakes And Your House

Even if you don’t live in earthquake territory, make sure your home is ready for one.   Does Your Home Have A Continuous Load Path?   This is a method of construction that uses a system of wood, metal connectors, fasteners such as nails and screws, and shearwalls to connect the structural frame of the […]

Wind-Resistant Structures

Most areas around the U.S. are subjected to high winds from time to time. Think of the spring tornadoes or the summer hurricanes. Wind alone causes millions of dollars of damage each year. There are ways to secure your environment and possibly save your home.   For obvious reasons, coastal areas are known for high […]

Thinking About Buying A New Home?

A new home is an expensive and lifetime investment. You want a home that is pleasing to your tastes, and you want to choose quality interior cabinets, countertops, and flooring. Most importantly, talk to your builder about how your home is constructed. Making sure it’s built to code or above code is extremely important. Many […]


A deck is an extension of your home, but it needs to be built to last and inspected yearly. A storm can lift a deck from its foundation if it’s not built right especially if it’s not inspected annually.   The life of a wood deck is about 10 to 15 years. Most people don’t […]

Strong Safe Structures With Structural Connectors

There is a great need in creating strong, well-built homes and buildings that are able to withstand high winds, hurricanes, earthquakes, and other natural disasters.  In the past, we have learned that earlier building codes were not tough enough to hold up against a natural disaster.  Time tends to teach us hard lessons.   Simpson […]

The Advantages Of Choosing Simpson Strong-Ties

Are you currently building a home or renovating? If you are, then you know that the structure of your home is extremely important for durability and safety. That’s why you want to make sure that you use the best tools and structural supports possible to construct a home that will last. What you’re looking for […]