DIY Garage Storage Wall System

Elisha Albertson of Pneumatic Addict found a great use for Simpson Strong-Tie fasteners and connectors for her DIY garage storage project. Previously published on DIY Done Right. Materials Used: (1) 4ʹ x 8ʹ x 3/8″ OSB sheathing (3) 1×8 x 8ʹ boards (1) 1×12 x 8ʹ bullnose shelving (1) 2×4 x 8ʹ stud (3) Simpson Strong-Tie® H1 […]

5 Safety Tips For The Do-It-Yourselfer

Okay, we get it. You know your way around some power tools. But accidents happen, even to experts so we’ve compiled a list of 10 safety tips specifically geared towards the do-it-yourselfer.   1. Watch that chainsaw kickback   For the safety of you and those around you it’s best to use chainsaws with certain […]

Higher Corrosion Resistance With Fascia-Fastening Solution

The Fascia-Fastening SolutionTM engineered by Simpson Strong-Tie was designed to tackle the problem of corrosion when fastening composite and PVC fascia together by preventing the material failure that often results from exposure to environmental conditions. This is accomplished due to the Fascia-Fastening Solution’s ability to accommodate the expansion and contraction of installed fascia boards.   […]

Drift Strut Connectors For Panelized Installations in Cold-Formed Steel Construction

The new simplified DSSCB bypass framing drift strut connector recently released from Simpson Strong-Tie will support cold-formed steel bypass framing while accommodating for horizontal building drift.   This new connector, currently patent-pending, is formed to friction fit within 13/16” or 1-5/8” commodity strut channels currently present in the marketplace. And installation is simple: just slide […]

Fight Corrosion With These 5 Tips

Understanding the potential for corrosion is as integral to any building project as knowing the load capabilities of your materials. Outdoor endeavors, particularly those in wet or moist climates, have an increased susceptibility to rust and rot. It’s important to be aware of and keep in mind the corrosive threats that may affect the longevity […]

Professional Deck Construction and Fastening Tips

1. Give materials time to acclimate Before any actual construction takes place, make sure you give your decking materials an adequate amount of time to adjust to the jobsite conditions. Freshly-treated deck boards can contain over a gallon of liquid.   2. Select the proper fastener   Consult and choose your fastener based on […]

Easy Connector Concealment with Pipe Grip Tie® Brackets

For those who have long wished for an economical solution for attaching wood fence rails to metal fence posts—your wish has been granted.   The new PGT2OZ Pipe Grip Tie® bracket from Simpson Strong-Tie “makes it easy to build a beautiful wood fence that is wind resistant and will stay strong for years to come,” […]

Simpson Strong Tie Unveils New DG Fire Wall Hanger Series

Simpson Strong Tie, the industry leader in engineered structural connectors and fasteners, rolled out their new DG Fire Wall Hanger Series last week. The three models of top-flange hanger connect floor joists to the wood wall with enough space for two layers of 5/8” drywall installation later. This allows the completed fire wall assembly to […]

We Test So You Can Trust!

Simpson Strong-Tie® has a state-of-the-art research facility where we test our products beyond normal wear and tear. We can test a structure’s ability to resist an earthquake, dangerous wind velocity, and other conditions that mother nature throws our way. We have a seismic shake table and a cyclic test frame. Using the shake table, we […]

Building A Shed

Need more space? There is a solution and you can do it yourself even if you’ve never built anything before. You can purchase shed plans with instructions at any lumber company or big box building supply company, and soon you’ll have a clean garage and a shed for the extras.   Once your foundation is […]