Drift Strut Connectors For Panelized Installations in Cold-Formed Steel Construction

The new simplified DSSCB bypass framing drift strut connector recently released from Simpson Strong-Tie will support cold-formed steel bypass framing while accommodating for horizontal building drift.


This new connector, currently patent-pending, is formed to friction fit within 13/16” or 1-5/8” commodity strut channels currently present in the marketplace. And installation is simple: just slide the clip into the strut channel and twist.


The DSSCB is a dual-function connector. With its pre-punched slots providing a full 1” of up- and downward deflection and round holes for slide-clip and fixed-clip applications, it allows contractors to install finished panels while working from the top and without need for predrilling or preinstalling anchors for each clip. The DSSCB is made from 12-gauge steel and has been ICC-ES AC261 tested.


Available in 3-1/2”, 6”, and 8” lengths, with an optional DSHS drift stopper sold separately for easier framing adjustments and security. Also included with the DSSCB are #14 shouldered screws for the prevention of overdriving proper clip functionality and slot markers ensure centered screw alignment.


Struts can be either mechanically anchored, welded, or cast in place depending on the application and project specifications.


Learn more about this new Drift Strut Connector from Simpson Strong-Tie.