Higher Corrosion Resistance With Fascia-Fastening Solution

The Fascia-Fastening SolutionTM engineered by Simpson Strong-Tie was designed to tackle the problem of corrosion when fastening composite and PVC fascia together by preventing the material failure that often results from exposure to environmental conditions. This is accomplished due to the Fascia-Fastening Solution’s ability to accommodate the expansion and contraction of installed fascia boards.


A fascia counterbore bit and stainless-steel fascia screws are the secrets to this solution’s success.


1. The bit counterbores a hole through the fascia board or material, wider than the shank of the screw.

2. The screw is driven through the fascia material into the substrate material.


Simple, elegant, and effective—the process of creating a hole wider than the screw shank allows that screw to lie flush with the fascia surface. This leaves room for future contraction and expansion of the composite boards.


The Simpson Strong-Tie website lists the following specifications for the fascia screw and the fascia counterbore bit:


The fascia screw, sold in quantities of 75, features:


* Type-17 point for fast starts

* Type 316 stainless steel for severe-level corrosion resistance

* Underhead chamber for increased sheer resistance

* Low-profile pancake head that resists pullover

* Deep T-20 6-lobe recess for fewer cam-outs

* Twelve color options for 0.40″ heads including white, four shades of tan, two shades of red, three shades of gray and two shades of brown

* Size #8 x 1 3/4″


The fascia counterbore bit, sold separately and in single quantities, features:


* 1/4″ arbor size to fit standard drills

* 0.25″ bore diameter

* 0.41″ counterbore diameter