Crimp Multi-Purpose Anchors


The Crimp anchor is an easy-to-install expansion anchor for use in concrete and grout-filled block. The pre-formed curvature along the shaft creates an expansion mechanism that secures the anchor in place and eliminates the need for a secondary tightening procedure. This speeds up anchor installation and reduces the overall cost.

Four Crimp anchor head styles are available to handle different applications that include fastening wood or light-gauge steel, attaching concrete formwork, hanging overhead support for sprinkler pipes or suspended ceiling panels.

Warning: Industry studies show that hardened fasteners can experience performance problems in wet or corrosive environments. Accordingly, with the exception of the duplex anchor, use these products in dry, interior and non-corrosive environments only.


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Crimp Anchor Installation Sequence

Rod Coupler
Easy Set Install

Easy Set Install
Easy Set InstallDuplex-head Anchor may be removed with a claw hammer
  • Drill a hole using the specified diameter carbide bit into the base material to a depth of at least 1/2″ deeper than the required embedment.
  • Blow the hole clean of dust and debris using compressed air. Overhead application need not to be blown clean. Where a fixture is used, drive the anchor through the fixture into the hole until the head sits flush against the fixture.
  • Be sure the anchor is driven to the required embedment depth. The Rod Coupler and Tie-Wire models should be driven in until the head is seated against the surface of the base material.

Mushroom Head
Mushroom Head Install