ECCL/CCC/CCT Column Caps


Column to beam connections often have multiple beams framing on top of a column. L, T, and Cross column caps provide design solutions for this application. Many combinations of beam and post sizes can be manufactured with the following criteria applied:

  • The download capacity shall be determined from the capacity for the unmodified product (See CC/ECC/ECCU Column Caps for more information). The side beam can take a maximum of 40% of the download and shall not exceed 10,665 lbs. The sum of the loads for the side beam(s) and main beam can not exceed the table load.
  • Uplift loads do not apply for ECCL caps. For CCC and CCT, uplift loads from table apply for main beam only.
  • The column width in the direction of the main beam width must be the same as the main beam width (W1).
  • Specify the stirrup height from the top of the cap. The minimum side stirrup heights (H2 or H3) is 6 1/2″ (3 1/2″ for 44’s).
  • The L dimension may vary depending on the width of the side stirrup (W3 or W4).
  • Column caps may be ordered without the column straps for field welding to a column. No loads apply. Specify CCOC/CCOT/ECCOL.

Ordering Examples :

  • A CCC66 with W3 = 5 1/2″, H2 and H3 = 6 1/2″ is a CC66 column cap with 5 1/2″ beams on each side with all beam seats flush.
  • An ECCLR66 with W3 = 3 5/8″, H2 = 7 1/2″ is an ECC66 end column cap with a 4x beam on the right side (specify direction left (which is shown) or right for stirrup) and stirrup seat 1″ below the cap seat.
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