JB/JBA/LB/LBAZ/BA/B/HHB Joist, Beam, and Purlin Hangers


The new, next-generation LBAZ and JBA hangers provide higher loads for 2×10, 2×12 and 2×14 members in 14 gauge and 18 gauge steel, respectively. The new nail locations on the JBA enable effective use with nailers.

The B and BA hangers are cost effective hangers featuring min/max joist nailing option. Min Nailing featuring Positive Angle Nailing targets moderate load conditions whereas the Max Nailing generates capacities for higher loads. The unique two level embossment provides added stiffness to the top flange.

See Top Flange Hanger tables. See Hanger Options for hanger modifications, which may result in reduced loads.

Material: See Top Flange Hanger tables.

Finish: BA, JB, JBA, LB, LBAZ and B—Galvanized; HHB – all saddle hangers and all welded sloped and special hangers – Simpson Strong-Tie® gray paint. BA, LB, B and HHB may be ordered hot-dip galvanized, specify HDG.