LCB/CB Column Bases



Strap: LCB—12 gauge; CB4x, CB5x, CB6x—7 gauge; CB7x and larger—3 gauge
Base: LCB—16 gauge; CB4x through CB9x—7 gauge; CB10x—3 gauge

Finish: LCB, CB44, CB46, CB48, CB66, CB68, CB610—galvanized;
all other CB—Simpson Strong-Tie® gray paint or HDG. Some models available in HDG or stainless steel.


  • Use all specified fasteners. See General Notes.
  • For full loads, minimum side cover required is 3″ for CB, 2″ for LCB.
  • Install all models with bottom of base plate flush with concrete.
  • Post bases do not provide adequate resistance to prevent members from rotating about the base and therefore are not recommended for non top-supported installations (such as fences or unbraced carports).


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