LTT/HTT Tension Ties


Tension ties offer a solution for resisting tension loads that are fastened with nails. The HTT4 and HTT5 are the latest generation of tension ties. They feature an optimized nailing pattern which results in better performance with less deflection. Designed to meet new code standards, the HTT4 and HTT5 offer higher loads than their predecessors.

HTT5KT is sold as a kit with the holdown, bearing plate washer and Strong-Drive® SD Connector screws. The HTT5-3/4 is designed to use a ¾” diameter anchor bolt. 3/4″ epoxied anchor bolts are commonly used when retrofitting tension ties to horizontal wood members.

The LTT19 Light Tension Tie is designed for 2x joists or purlins and the LTT20B is for nail- or bolt-on applications. The 3″ nail spacing makes the LTT20B suitable for wood I-joists with 10dx1 1/2. The LTTI31 is designed for wood chord open web truss attachments to concrete or masonry walls and may also be installed vertically on a minimum 2×6 stud.

Material: See table.

Finish: Galvanized