Strong-Drive® SDW EWP-PLY Screw and SDW TRUSS-PLY Screw


The Strong-Drive® SDW Truss-Ply and EWP-Ply screws are a 0.22″ diameter, high-strength structural wood screws specifically designed for fastening multi-ply wood members such as plated trusses, engineered-lumber products and solid-sawn lumber. The Strong-Drive SDW Truss-Ply and EWP-Ply screws installs easily with no pre-drilling and is available in optimized lengths for fastening 2, 3 and 4-ply trusses or 1 3⁄4″ engineered lumber such as structural composite lumber (SCL). The Strong-Drive SDW Truss-Ply and EWP-Ply screws enable single-side fastening, while still allowing concurrent loading on both sides of the assembly to the full allowable head or point-side load of the fastener.



  • A high-strength structural wood screw designed with a shorter thread length to fasten multi-ply members such as plated trusses, engineered-lumber products and solid-sawn lumber
  • Large washer head provides maximum bearing area; stamped with the Simpson Strong-Tie “≠” sign and fastener length for easy identification after installation
  • Deep 6-lobe recess reduces cam-out, making driving easier
  • Low-profile head results in less interference after installation; makes stacking and sliding members easier and allows installation of hardware and finishes to be virtually flush
  • Optimal screw lengths provide maximum penetration while preventing the point from protruding out the back of the member
  • Ability to penetrate multi-ply trusses from only one side eliminates the need for flip trusses
  • Higher shear values than competitive products enable wider spacing saving time and money
  • Bold thread design provides superior holding power and cinches fastened members together for consistent installation
  • Patented 4CUT™ point ensures fast starts, reduced installation torque and eliminates the need for pre-drilling in most applications
  • Under-head nibs provide greater control when seating the head
  • E-coat™ coating is suitable for interior applications only

Material: Heat-treated carbon steel

Finish: Black E-coat™


  • Use all specified fasteners; some models have extra fastener holes. See General Notes.
  • Strong-Drive SDW Truss-Ply and EWP-Ply screws install best with a low-speed 1⁄2″ drill motor and a T-40 6-lobe bit. The matched bit included with the screws is recommended for best results.
  • Pre-drilling is typically not required. Strong-Drive SDW Truss-Ply and EWP-Ply screws may be installed through metal truss plates as approved by the Truss Designer, provided the requirements of ANSI/TPI 1-2007 Section 8.9.2 are met (pre-drilling required through the plate using a maximum of 5/32″ bit).
  • Screw heads that are countersunk flush to the wood surface are acceptable if the screw has not spun out.
  • Individual screw locations may be adjusted up to 3″ to avoid conflicts with other hardware or to avoid lumber defects.

Notes To The Designer:

  1. Single-fastener shear loads and withdrawal loads in this section are based on testing per ICC-ES AC233. Allowable withdrawal load for DF/SP/SCL is 200 pounds per inch (lbs./in.) and for SPF/HF withdrawal is 150 lbs/in. Total allowable withdrawal load is based on actual thread penetration into the main member.
  2. Allowable loads in tables are shown at the load duration factor of CD = 1.00 and shall be multiplied by all applicable adjustment factors per the NDS. Loads may be increased for load duration per the building code up to a CD of 1.6.
  3. Minimum fastener spacing requirements: 6″ end distance, 1 7/16″ edge distance, 5/8″ between staggered rows of fasteners, 4″ between non-staggered rows of fasteners and 6″ between fasteners in a row. Note exceptions in the application drawing accompanying Table 5 – Strong-Drive® SDW TRUSS-PLY and EWP-PLY Screws Allowable Shear Loads – Two-Ply 3×2/4×2 Parallel-Chord Trusses Loaded on Either Side.
  4. Maximum fastener spacing is recommended to not exceed 24″ on-center except as approved by a qualified Designer.
  5. Structural composite lumber (SCL = LVL, PSL or LSL) loads assume an equivalent Specific Gravity of 0.50 or higher for fastener shear in the wide face (unless otherwise noted).
  6. Tabular loads in this document are based on the capacity of the Simpson Strong-Tie Strong-Drive SDW Truss-Ply and EWP-Ply screws. The capacity of the multi-ply assembly must be checked by a qualified Designer.
  7. For top loaded solid sawn 2x built-up assemblies that are evenly loaded across the entire assembly width, the recommended fastener spacing is two rows at 32″ o.c. For top-loaded SCL 1 3/4″ built up assemblies that are evenly loaded across the entire assembly width, the recommended fastener spacing is two rows at 24″ o.c. for up to 18″ deep members, and 3 rows at 24″ o.c. for members deeper than 18″.